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NEW! Interactive Deep Learning Visualization research accepted to CVPR 2018 (Demo).

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[UPDATE] As of 2018, Jason is pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, specializing in statistical Machine Learning and Computer Vision research under Professor Polo Chau of College of Interactive Computing.

Hi! I recently earned a dual degree in Computer Science & Business Administration at the University of Southern California. My budding interest in explorational technologies and open-ended research started in elementary school when I got homebrew MSN to run on NDS. In my teenage years, I've tinkered with custom Android firmware, jailbroke iOS devices, cracked WEP encryption, and resurrected a formatted USB drive.

A maker today, I believe the best way to improve our world is to add value by innovation and global leadership. Having launched two startups, attended 30 hackathons & 10 tech conferences, and worked from large corporations like Apple to a fledging startup, I see the key to success in self-motivation and unwavering grit.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking outdoors, exploring new places, reading inspirational bios/stories and binge on history. Immersing myself in HackerNews and a spectrum of tech feeds daily is also my cup of tea.

Engineering: Machine Vision | Systems | Deep Learning | Web/Mobile Backend | Data Science | Internet of Things | HCI | Network Security | NLP


Research: deepconvnet.com

[NEW] "Interactive Classification for Deep Learning Interpretation." Angel Cabrera, Fred Hohman, Jason Lin, Duen Horng Chau.  IEEE CVPR 2018 (Demo).

[IN PROGRESS] "Two-stage vs. One-stage detectors: State-of-the-art Object Detection and Tracking in 2018".

"Network Virtualization: Distributed Computing and a more secure Internet"  2016.

"Quantum Computing and its effects on Deciphering Public Key Cryptosystems"  2015.

Interests: { computer vision, deep learning, HCI, systems }  
contact: jlin401 [at] gatech [dot] edu or below


Native Android App


Sentiment Analysis Webapp

Data Visualization

D3.js rendering


Location-based watchface


Study group & chatrooms


Real time Q&A in the classroom


The App for every developer

Innovation Insight

Computer vision for the blind


Android personal assistant


Pencil sketch to SVG


Location Aware Speakers


Predictive Task Scheduler


Never miss a beat


Biosensor in Olympics


VR Food Experience

Jane Street etc.

High Freq. Electronic Trading Challenge


Rating routes by driver safety metrics

Speed of Sound

NLP: Summarize & review on the fly

OSx86 Hackintosh (education)

macOS Sierra on Skylake + Z170


Food-tracking IoT Intelligence

Keplerian VR

Immersive team collaboration in VR


Data Driven Stock Analytics

Cue: Bias-busting VR

Exposing unconscious bias by Q&A


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